Spend less time scrolling and more time watching. 

Choose What to Watch

Watching a movie with friends? Streamline your decision making by instantly building a combined list of the movies you all want to watch, and filter by your available platforms.

Ratings that Matter

See what your friends think about a movie.  Share your own ratings with others and receive more accurate recommendations as a result.

Enjoy bad movies with gusto!

Together Or Apart

Share your watch party whether you're sitting on the same sofa or sitting in different countries. Movie night is not limited by distance.

Watch List

Build the list of movies you want to watch in one location covering all streaming services. Keep track of movies you've already seen and the ones you want to watch again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about?

How often have you sat down to watch a movie with your partner, friends, or family, only to spend more time choosing something than actually watching it? How frustrated do you get flicking between all the different watchlists across all the different platforms you subscribe to, wishing it was all in one place? How many times do you find you can’t quite remember whether you’ve seen it before anyway?

MoviePal is here to fix this by being both the Tinder and Goodreads of movies all in one app.

Okay but what does it do

In a nutshell, by bringing together your rated movies and your movie social network, with a touch of our magic algorithm, you get a cross-platform watchlist in one location with all the information you need to choose what to watch next, whether by yourself or with your partner, friends, or you family.

It also keeps track of what you have seen, whether you liked it, and whether you want to watch it again. It lets you see what your friends and those you follow enjoyed so that you get genuine recommendations.

How does a watch party work?

When you start a watch party MoviePal will combine the watchlists of all the people joining. Not everybody has to have the app for this to work; those without an account can still swipe yes or no on the selection created from the host and other users in the group. The algorithm gets pretty complicated here, but the outcome is an accurate shortlist of movies specifically curated to that party.

How does a watch list work?

One does not simply have a watchlist. MoviePal will show you movies available to you across all platforms. By swiping on movies you’ll create a list of what you want to see, have already seen, want to watch again, or have zero interest in. Plus you can give your own ratings. Think Goodreads but for movies.

As your lists build and as you with your friends, MoviePal uses machine learning to give recommendations on new movies based on what you and those you follow have enjoyed (as well as what you thought was terrible!).

How do I pay for this? 

You don't. It's free.

I have something to say. How do I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s giving us feedback, requesting features, or just saying hello. You can email us at [email protected]

Is this another streaming service?

No, MoviePal manages your watchlists across all the platforms you already use. This means you can see all movies available to you in one place, without having to switch between them. 

Why should I sign up? Do I have to?

Of course you don’t have to! Signing up to the waiting list means that we can show our investors the demand for MoviePal, which helps us build it more quickly with more features. For you, it means you get early access ahead of everybody else. Plus you get points and points get you perks.

What are these points you mention and how do I get them?

The more points you have the further up the waiting list you’ll be, meaning you’ll get access sooner when MoviePal is released, you get to claim your username, and be the first to create watch parties for your friends. You can get points by signing up and sharing the news. You have to join the waiting list first.

Start moving up the waitlist today

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